Filing A Claim Through Workers Compensation Lawyers In Cape Girardeau, MO

Workers compensation lawyers in Cape Girardeau, MO assist employees with injury claims. When work-related injuries occur the human resources department files a claim with their insurance provider. The employee is sent to the emergency room or a care facility for treatment. The attending doctor then completes a form for submission through the insurance provider. If the claims adjuster does not agree that the injury is eligible for coverage, the claim is denied. If you were denied worker’s compensation benefits, you should contact an attorney directly.

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

The human resources department of your company is responsible for ensuring that all information related to your injuries is submitted to the insurance provider. This includes the nature of the injuries and exactly how they occurred. Unfortunately, some companies have found loopholes in the system that will prevent them from paying high insurance costs. This means that the insurance provider will deny these benefits in most cases due to these flaws in the system.

When this occurs, the employee is not repaid their lost wages. In some cases, the employee is wrongfully dismissed from their job. If this happens to you, it is urgent that you seek a second opinion from your primary care physician and that you contact a lawyer. By acquiring a second opinion you may receive additional support that documents your injuries more thoroughly.

Local Attorney

Little, Schellhammer, Richardson, and Knowlan offer assistance with worker’s compensation claims. They will refile this claim in court to allow the judge to make a determination. With this claim they will provide documentation for the injury to support it. They will guide the employee through this process and ensure that the claim is effective and that the employee receives the coverage he or she deserves. To file a worker’s compensation claim after a denial, contact this law firm for further assistance.


Workers compensation lawyers in Cape Girardeau MO – fight for the employee’s rights in court. These cases related to severe injuries that are eligible for worker’s compensation benefits, yet they were refused based on hidden guidelines. Attorneys within this field fight to assist the employee to enable them to receive compensation for medical costs and lost wages. If you were injured on the job and did not receive compensation, you should speak to your preferred attorney today.