Fighting for Your Rights Through a Wrongful Death Attorney in St. Charles, MO

It is always an unfortunate circumstance when a person has been killed through no fault of their own and most stressful on the family members. An event like this falls under tort and is referred to as a wrongful death event, leading the survivors to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator. A wrongful death attorney in St. Charles, MO represents clients whose loved ones have suffered death wrongfully at the hands of another. Here are some things that clients in Missouri need to understand about the laws regarding personal injury.

Understanding Personal Injury Law

In Missouri, a plaintiff has five years from the date of the wrongful death to file a lawsuit in the civil court. Otherwise, the chance to be heard will be gone. The plaintiff will also lose the opportunity to be awarded damages because of the wrongful death. This is something that the plaintiff will want to avoid, so hiring an attorney to help them fight and win the case is going to be critical. The wrongful death damages won’t bring the loved one back, but at least the compensation can help the surviving family cope with financial losses due to the family member being gone.

More About Personal Injury Law

Missouri is one of the states that do not place a cap on the number of damages that a plaintiff can receive for any personal injury cases, including wrongful death. This will cause the insurance company of the defendant to work really hard to deny the plaintiff the right to be awarded damages, including trying to displace some of the blame. The plaintiff needs a skillful lawyer who can fight such tactics.

Who to Call for Representation in St. Charles, Missouri

Niedner Law has been providing legal solutions for clients in the St. Charles, Missouri area for more than 81 years. In addition to wrongful death and other personal injury law, the law firm also represents clients in divorce law, criminal law, real estate law, estate planning and many other forms of law. Anyone who needs a wrongful death attorney in St. Charles, MO can contact this law firm. Visit

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