Fighting Back the Flood – Mold Remediation in Oceanside, CA

by | Sep 19, 2014 | Restoration

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Anyone who has suffered through a flood knows the devastation it leaves behind. When the waters recede, families are left with damage, ruined furniture, and the loss of personal items. However, floods and water damage leave behind an even greater and potentially deadly threat, mold. Many building materials are able to sustain the growth of mold, even concrete, and while the floors, walls or ceilings may appear to have dried completely, the damage may already be done. The need for Mold Remediation in Oceanside CA, is paramount to saving the structure of the building, and the health of those who occupy it.

Mold Remediation in Oceanside CA, is the removal of materials that contain mold. A licensed mold removal professional would enter the building and seek out the problem areas. Even the smallest of leaks can lead to a large mold problem. The area of removal will be prepped and contained in what is called negative pressure. Negative pressure allows the air to flow into the contained area, but not out. This ensures that the mold spores will not travel through the air to other parts of the building.

Some of the mold-affected material can be cleaned by using a fungicide, but there are other areas that will need to be completely removed. The licensed Mold Remediation in Oceanside CA, will know exactly which areas can be saved and which need to be replaced. In some cases the mold could have grown on permanent structural surfaces that cannot be removed, in this instance the professional, will likely apply an encapsulating product on the surface with a disposable paint brush.

Mold Remediation in Oceanside CA, can be done by the average do-it-yourselfer, but in most instances should be handled by a professional like EcoPure Restoration. Only a professional mold remediation specialist will be able to ensure the safe containment and removal of the mold. There is no sense in removing the visible mold, when there could be an entire network of it behind the walls and under the floor boards. Only the licensed professionals will know where to look, and have the equipment needed to safely purge the building of any mold that could be hiding therein.