Features to Focus on When Shopping for the Perfect Eyeglasses in NYC

When you want to find the perfect pair of designer eyeglasses in NYC, what features do you pay special attention to? Discover some features to evaluate before choosing a fashionable pair of eyeglasses to wear on a daily basis.


Eyeglasses are available in many styles. This makes it easy to find a pair at Charlotte Jones Opticians that go with the shape of your face. If you have an oval-shaped face, a pair of eyeglasses in a rectangular style would serve as an attractive contrast. Or, if you have a face that is more diamond-shaped, eyeglasses with frames in an oval style would be appealing.


Just as there are many styles of designer eyeglasses in NYC, there are also many colors available. If you want to go with a dark color, there are frames in black as well as a selection of brown or tan tortoise shell. Alternatively, eyeglasses are available with white frames, beige or even gold.

Lastly, trying on at least a dozen pairs of eyeglasses can help you to determine what shape, style, color and other features you like to see on yourself. Narrowing your choices to three or four pair can make the process of choosing your favorite a bit easier.

If you’d like to shop a unique selection of designer eyeglasses in NYC, contact us today at Charlotte Jones Opticians, check us out on Twitter.

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