Featured Upgrades That Make Purchasing a New Vehicle Worth the Money

Some of the many reasons why people buy new cars include the new-car smell, being the first-time owner, reliability and more, However, many people buy new cars because of the newest features in the market. As technology progresses, so does the outward appearance of a car as well as the new features on new model cars. Many car dealers in Arlington Heights offer upgrades that not only add to the convenience factor when driving, such as keyless entry for example, but some even improved driver safety. Here is our list of some of the best new features in 2019.

Automatic Steering

This feature enables the car to maneuver on its own to avoid hitting a vehicle or even a person. Having this feature can help prevent accidents, where the driver may have looked away from the road for a moment.

Super Cruise

Many of us are familiar with the cruise control setting on our cars and have even used it a time or two. However, there is a new upgrade that takes cruising to the next level. While traditional cruise control would maintain the car’s speed while you steer, the new super cruise feature can steer the car by itself.

Interior Camera

While there are many cars that have a camera built-in which allows you to back up effortlessly, this interior camera can help you have eyes in the back of your head. Great for parents who want to keep watch over their children in the back, the feed will play right in your front view so that you do not have to turn around.

These are just some of the awesome new features that are available in many of today’s cars. The beauty with car dealers in Arlington Heights is that many of the features on newer model cars are customizable. Therefore, if you want the interior camera but can do without the supercruise option, all of that and more can be made to order for you.

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