Fast Response Needed to Recover From Storm Damage in Wichita

Storm damage in Wichita is common. Hail, wind, ice and flooding are a part of everyday life. Even tornado damage is a potential reality for area homeowners. When an emergency occurs, it is important that property owners take the first steps needed to recover as quickly as possible. Wichita area professionals like ACT Emergency Clean up ( are available 24 hours per day, every day, to help damage victims start to pick up the pieces of their lives and move on.

When called on, emergency response teams are on site quickly. Their first action is to analyze the damage and put damage control measures in place. Their goal is to reduce the likelihood of any additional damage to the property or its contents. They will then devise a plan of action needed to mitigate the existing damages. In most cases, removing water from the structure’s interior is the first step in the recovery process.

In cases where roof damage is allowing water to enter the structure, steps are taken to temporarily stop the leaking. Roofing experts recommend that homeowners do not try to make temporary repairs, as they are not trained in the necessary procedures. In fact, many homeowner temporary repairs are ineffective and make permanent repairs more difficult. Since the emergency response team can be on site quickly, it is far better to allow them to take the necessary steps to halt the water penetration.

Water extraction and removing moisture from the interior is handled using specialized equipment. The importance of quickly removing as much water as possible from the building’s interior cannot be over emphasized. Water that is allowed to stand creates more serious damage to walls, carpeting and other interior components. Stabilizing the moisture levels quickly can often eliminate the need to tear out interior walls or replace flooring. Top companies responding to storm damage in Wichita use highly specialized equipment to rapidly eliminate excessive moisture, even from hidden spaces.

Whenever disaster strikes, area professionals are there to help property owners recover as quickly as possible. The first step property owners need to take is call for help immediately. Once the team is on site, they will work with property owners to guarantee that the necessary steps are taken to allow a fast recovery.

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