Fast Fixes for Your Credit Rating

If you have a credit rating that is lower than 760, chances you are not receiving the best rate for your money on insurance or loans. It also means that seeking methods for Credit Repair in Suffolk County NY could benefit you greatly. Before you can begin to make steps to repairing your credit score, you have to first fully understand your current financial situation. You can purchase your credit rating, which will also highlight all creditors that you currently owe, if you are behind on payments and other important information.

Some factors that will help you get on the road to financial freedom and increase your credit rating are highlighted here.

If You Don’t have a Credit Card – Get One

You should never fall for the misconception that you have to have a balance on a credit card in order to have good scores. The fact is that you don’t, and that you shouldn’t. However, when you have and use one or two credit cards can help to begin rebuilding your credit rating.

If you are unable to qualify for a traditional credit card, consider acquiring a secured one, where the bank that issues it will provide you with a credit line that is equal to the initial deposit that you make. You should also look for a card that will report to all three of the major credit bureaus.

Consider Adding an Installment Loan

You will receive the fastest and biggest improvement to your credit score if you show that you are responsible by holding both major types of credit: installment loans such as mortgages, personal loans or vehicle loans; and revolving credit, such as credit cards.

Start Paying Off Your Credit Cards

It is important to pay off your debt. While paying off installment loans will help to increase your scores, it will not be as much help as paying of, or at least paying down, your revolving accounts. Lenders want to see a large gap between the total amount of credit that you are using, and the available credit limit you have. If you can get your balance to below 30 percent of the total credit limit, it will help; however, getting the balance lower than 10 percent will provide even faster results.

Use Cards Lightly

If you rack up large balances it can hurt your sores, no matter if you are paying your bills in full or not. What will be reported to the credit bureaus and used to calculate your scores, is the balance that is shown on your last statement.

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