Farming Sod in Witchita, Kansas

Do you have a lawn that looks run down with dry grass and weeds? Do you have a golf course where you have to maintain the grass? If so, it may be time to visit a Sod Farm in Wichita KS to get a new lawn or green.

For cooler climates, Cramer Grass Farm’s Kansas Premium sod is the finest quality tall fescues and Kentucky blue grass combined in just the right ratios to give you the highest turf quality available. Kansas Premium can do well in the shade and recovers nicely from drought conditions. The deep root system is what makes it drought resistant. It is also disease resistant. The Tennessee blue grass gives it its resistance. Its dark green color means that your soil does not need extra nitrogen. It is especially good for the Midwest but does thrive in zones three to nine. If you are in the Midwest, it is possible that the Sod Farm in Wichita KS Can even install your sod for you.

If you live in a warmer climate, Midfield #E-29 Bermuda sod is a good choice with which to go. It is a finer texture but very hearty. It thrives on heat and sunlight. This is not the sod for shaded gardens and laws. Midfield #E-29 Bermuda sod requires little maintenance beyond mowing regularly and occasional fertilization.

Ultimately, the decisions rest on your shoulders. Do you have a sunny yard where Midfield #E-29 Bermuda sod will thrive, or do you need Kansas Premium sod due to shady areas you would like to be as lush and green as the rest of your lawn.

Laying down the sod from the Sod Farm in Wichita KS can be back breaking work. However, stomping around in your cleats can be fun. The stomping is used to aerate the soil making it easier for the roots of the sod to grow. Roll after roll of sod gets put down, and you can start to really see what your lawn is going to look like in the end. You will be able to imagine it totally integrated into your external home decor.


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