FAQs That a Child Support Lawyer in St. Charles, MO Can Answer

In Missouri, child support payments are provided to manage each parent’s financial responsibilities to the child. The value of the payments is listed in the divorce agreement along with the child custody arrangement. Support payments are made on the first of the month in most cases. A child support lawyer in St. Charles, MO can explain what is expected of the parents after the divorce is finalized.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

Child support payments are calculated according to the income of each parent, the total number of children, and the needs of each child. The standard value is ten percent for the first child and five percent for each additional child. However, the exact value varies among parents. Children with challenging medical needs require additional financial assistance. Each parent is responsible for their part of the cost.

Who Pays Child Support?

Traditionally, it’s the noncustodial parent the on who pays child support. Alternative support arrangements could present each parent with certain responsibilities. For example, the parents could work together to pay a portion of the child’s financial needs. Custody arrangements which allow parenting time on alternating weeks require some modifications.

What Happens If Payments Aren’t Made Properly?

Local laws enable the custodial parent to report any missed child support payments to the court. Failure to provide the payments leads to a violation of a court order. The judge could issue a bench warrant for the noncustodial parent if the payments are significantly late.

For How Long Are Child Support Payments Made?

The most common order requires the noncustodial parent to pay child support until the child is eighteen years old. However, some arrangements could require the noncustodial parent to provide the payments if the child remains in their parent’s home while attending college. Any modifications for the payment arrangements are managed through the family court.

In Missouri, child support payments are calculated by the court if the couple is unable to reach an agreement. The court uses the standard valuations for the payments based on the income of each parent. Parents who need help from a child support lawyer in St. Charles, MO can contact Niedner Law for more information today.

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