FAQs For Social Security Disability Lawyers

In Illinois, social security disability benefits provide financial assistance for individuals with disabilities. The claimants must submit an application to be considered for the benefits. It is also vital that they provide as many details as possible about their condition and how it affects them. Social Security Disability Lawyers in Aurora help disabled individuals when they have been denied benefits.

Who Decides if a Claimant Qualifies for Benefits?
The Bureau of Disability Determination assesses all incoming applications for the Social Security disability benefits. If the claimant’s condition qualifies, the bureau passes the application onto the Social Security Administration. The agency schedules appointments for the claimant if more information is needed.

What Types of Disability Benefits are Available?
There are two types of Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are generated based on a work history. Deductions are withdrawn from the worker’s wages during each pay period for the benefits. If the worker cannot work anymore, the worker can apply for the benefits.

Supplemental security income is an income-based program that assists individuals with disabilities that have never worked. The benefits are provided each month according to the household income of the claimant. For children, the parents must submit income statements. For adults, a spouse or household member who supports the claimant must provide evidence of their earnings.

What are Eligible Conditions?
The condition must be physical or mental and prevent the individual from holding down a job. The claimant cannot work in any industry due to the condition. The affliction must last longer than one year or present a dire prognosis. The claimant must provide clear evidence of the condition through medical records. Their doctor is contacted to obtain any additional information required for processing the claim.

In Illinois, Social Security disability programs aid individuals who are no longer able to work. The programs provide monthly benefits based on the current rate of benefits and the claimant’s household income. Claimants who need help with their claim can contact Social Security Disability Lawyers in Aurora at Harold W. Conick & Associates, Ltd. to schedule an appointment now.

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