FAQs About Planning A Funeral In Middletown

In New Jersey, families work with funeral directors to discover the necessary steps for planning a funeral for a lost loved one. These directors offer the families sympathetic services to help them through this difficult time. Funeral directors offer answers to common questions about planning a funeral Middletown.

How are Life Insurance Policies used for Funeral Expenses?

The family can present the funeral home with a life insurance policy to cover the full cost of funeral and burial services. The funeral director can process the life insurance policy through the insurer for the beneficiaries, and the face value is used to pay the funeral home. The insurer can work with the beneficiary to ensure they acquire any leftover balance after these expenses are paid.

What Costs are Involved in Planning a Funeral?

The exact cost of the funeral depends on the choices of the family, and these costs can be reduced if they don’t need additional services. For example, traditional funerals will require the family to choose a casket and set up the funeral services; the cost can increase or decrease the costs based on the price for the casket. Cremation services may cost less than a burial.

Are Viewings are Requirement for All Funerals?

No, the family isn’t required to schedule any viewings for their loved one if they don’t want these services, and they can schedule a private service if the family prefers. The family should specify their exact preferences when setting up the funeral as this can reduce common issues entirely.

Does the Funeral Director Create the Obituary?

Funeral directors can create and submit an obituary for the family to manage the task for them. The cost of the obituary can be included in the total cost of the funeral, or the family can contact the local newspaper themselves if they prefer.

In New Jersey, families turn to funeral directors when they must plan a funeral for a lost loved one. The directors provide options for the family and present them with a price list for each service available to them. Families that need to plan a funeral Middletown can contact John P. Condon Funeral Home for more info now.