FAQ Regarding Coverage From SR-22 Insurance In Illinois

The Department of Motor Vehicles office, or otherwise known as a DMV office, will issue a document for SR-22 insurance in Illinois as a way of proving that an individual is skilled enough to drive on public roads in certain states. Generally, this form of insurance will be necessary if a motorist has been involved in some kind of motor collision at a time when they were uninsured. Conversely, filing for SR-22 will be crucial if the person has convicted a DUI offense or any other offense that is driving-related. Based on the severity of what has happened, SR-22 insurance in Illinois will be required for different periods of time.

SR-22 Insurance In Illinois – What Are The Coverage Limits?

If you are preparing to get assistance with SR-22 insurance in Illinois, you should learn about the coverage limits. Amounts of coverage can fluctuate based on who you acquire this form of insurance from however, there will be some basic minimum coverage amounts that are appropriate for most cases. The death of a person or bodily injury will be $25,000, property damage will be $10,000 and bodily injury or the death of two people or more will be $50,000. It is important to remember that when you get SR-22 insurance in Illinois, if for example a vehicle is worth $80,000, the minimum property damage amount will not be able to cover the vehicle replacement fee.

SR-22 Insurance In Illinois – How Long Is The Filing Requirement?

Regardless of why you necessitate SR-22 insurance in Illinois, it is advisable to maintain the SR-22 filing for at least three years. The DMV will need to be notified if there is some kind of lapse with the insurance coverage within that three year period and generally, the provider of insurance will need to be the person who informs the DMV. A ‘Notice of Suspension’ letter will then be sent to you detailing the facts regarding your license being suspended. Another filing for SR-22 insurance in Illinois and a possible fee may be required if you wish to reinstate your license.

SR-22 Insurance In Illinois – Who Needs An SR-22 Filing?

The reasons for getting SR-22 insurance in Illinois will vary, based on the circumstances of each individual and typically, this insurance plan is quite flexible to the needs of people with different problems. Examples of some convictions that may require filing for SR-22 will be reckless driving, OWI/DUI, failure to prove insurance, uninsured motor vehicle suspension, false insurance documents, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, etc. It is possible that your premiums can increase more when you get SR-22 insurance in Illinois rather than auto insurance, so it is vital to shop around.

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