Family Law Lawyer in Hagerstown, MD – How to File a Prenuptial Agreement

Prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular and not something just used by wealthy people. Divorce rates are at a high, and both people are usually working in the relationship. Prenuptial agreements are more commonplace now because of being seen as practical. A family law lawyer in Hagerstown, MD can help with drawing up these document.

This document is very important and can save a couple undue stress in case of a divorce. Divorce is not on the mind of someone getting married, but it is important to really look at all future possibilities. If you are considering a prenuptial, then you want to talk to your spouse and not make a decision until both parties agree. This decision is one of many that you will be making as a couple. If you decide on the prenuptial agreement, then you want to prepare a list of property and assets to include in it. It is important to be in agreement about property before going to the law office. Preparing in advance saves time and money.

For the best interest of both parties, you should each have your own attorney. If you have questions, then you should bring notes to the consultation. A Family Law Lawyer in Hagerstown, MD can give you suggestions about the agreement from past cases and experiences. If a couple can agree to a list of property before going to the law firm, then they are moving in the right direction. This compromise allows for drawing up an agreement that both parties can agree on. It is also important to start the prenuptial process a few months before the wedding to give enough time for deciding on property and for completing the final draft of the agreement.

The final document is taken to a notary public. For the document to stand up in court, it has to be notarized, witnessed and signed by a licensed authority. It is also important to get two copies for both parties. This document does not required being filed in court. You only need to file it when going through a divorce. The Day & Schiszik law firm in Hagerstown, MD understands your legal rights and can help with drawing a legal prenuptial agreement.