Family Law Attorneys in Springboro, OH Can Give You the Answers You Need

Every state’s family court laws are different from the next. Someone that has a family law case in Ohio needs the assistance of an experienced attorney. Friends and family always want to offer their help and advice during a divorce or child custody dispute, but the only information the family should obtain is from family law attorneys in Springboro, OH. The laws are constantly changing and what may have been the law a year ago can be much different now. Doing something that the court doesn’t like or approve could paint someone in a bad situation with a judge or mediator.

In Ohio, one spouse may be ordered to pay spousal support even if they haven’t lived with their partner for years in order to obtain a divorce. A court will base support on the earnings of the couple and the length of the marriage. If a couple has children, a parent may have to pay child support in addition to spousal support. Child support is for the children. Although spousal support may stop at a certain point, child support will continue through a child’s eighteenth birthday or until they graduate high school. Not making regular child support payments could result in imprisonment and felony offenses.

Negotiating a fair settlement during a divorce requires the skill and knowledge of family law attorneys in Springboro, OH. A couple is much better off to agree to their own terms for a divorce, but an attorney should always review the final settlement or decree to ensure it protects their client. Divorce decrees are enforceable through the family court if one of the parties doesn’t obey it. Child custody is always determined by the child’s best interest. An Allocation of Parental Rights and Responsibilities will outline a visitation and custody order the children. Failure to follow this order could result in supervised visitation or loss of custody of a child.

Whatever type of family law situation you’re in, seek the advice of an experienced attorney. They understand the situation can be emotionally charged when it involves a family law case and will be understanding, caring and compassionate. You can find more information by visiting an attorney today.

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