Facts about Teeth Whitening in Kona

Teeth Whitening in Kona has become one of the more used dental interventions today. This short article will answer the most frequently asked questions concerning tooth whitening, a procedure that is very effective and recommended because it allows people to recover the natural tone of their teeth and, More over, there are no significant adverse effects (provided it is carried out by a professional with experience in the field).

A very common and frequent question among patients is whether all dental stains can be removed by Teeth Whitening in Kona and the truth is that they cannot, since both severe and interior stains are difficult to remove by this process. In these case, it is advisable to opt for other aesthetic techniques, dental veneers being the most effective and convenient option. Why do some dentists discourage home teeth whitening alternatives? Not only are they home alternatives but they are not the quality people deserve. Keep in mind that the bleaching process involves abrasive products that could be harmful if not adequately performed (or if the material used is not of the highest quality). Cheap solutions later become more expensive and also hurts dental health.

People cannot forget other reference questions such as the following: Are there any side effects? As discussed earlier, if the process is done by a professional and quality materials are used, there is no notable side effect. But it should be noted that it is common for the patient to develop tooth sensitivity during the days after the intervention, mild discomfort that disappears in a few days. It is also possible that the patient, temporarily, can have certain gum discomfort. Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. can describe the possible side effects further.

Is whitening a compatible process with any patient? No. There are different groups of patients who are unfit to undergo this process, such as all those who suffer from tooth decay or periodontal disease. It is necessary to solve this problem before starting a cosmetic treatment like this. Nor it is advised in patients using crowns or caps as well as pregnant women. Visit carteryokoyamadds.com to learn more.

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