Facts about Dentures in Nashville

Tooth loss in the elderly, as a rule, is the result of long-term illnesses or due to the neglect of their own health. Whatever the reason, having Dentures in Nashville placed can always restore a beautiful smile. Dentures are modern constructions of various materials to recover losses in the dentition. To date, there are a large number of dental prostheses, which will help eliminate any dental defects.

Types of dentures
Modern medical technology can work wonders. Thanks to these, you can pick dentures for every taste, and they are no different from natural teeth, in terms of color and form. Dentures can be roughly divided into two groups: removable and fixed. Dentures, in turn, are subdivided into full removable and partially removable.

Removable designs rely on the gums and are held with wire hooks on preserved teeth. Full dentures are made from plastic and artificial teeth, and are generally made from composites or ceramics. The most perfect form of removable prosthesis is clasp prostheses, which redistribute the load on the entire jaw. They are more comfortable and durable. But, unfortunately, the price is high.

Flexible nylon Dentures in Nashville are also very popular. They are quite comfortable and easy. Made of translucent, elastic nylon, they are designed to simulate the oral mucosa. They can be worn at all times, only to be taken out for cleaning. They have the same properties as other prostheses and are made of polyurethane.

The advantage of dentures is that they can be removed safely to be cleaned, and this alone saves patients a lot of trouble, which are associated with other fixed prostheses. It should be done at least a couple of times a day after meals. Dentures can also restore a single and/or complete absence of teeth. If a tooth is lost, dentists can use a bridge or denture prosthesis made of single crowns.

The placement of fixed dental prostheses is typically performed on adjacent healthy teeth. Today, advanced technique allows the abutment teeth to not be injured. For more information, you can contact your local dentist or visit website.

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