Factors to Consider When Finding Office Space

Operating a successful business can be stressful but for most, the stress sets in even before the doors are open. Finding an office space has to take place before the business can officially open and can be a very stressful and time consuming process. There are few factors to consider when searching for an office space for a new or existing business. Renting a space is likely the way most business owners go and should involve a few primary elements. Cost, location and careful research of both factors are the leaders of the search.

Customer Needs

An important consideration that many businesses overlook when seeking office space is the needs of the customers being met with the location that is selected. Don’t become so overwhelmed or pressured that this important aspect takes a backseat to the scope of it all. It’s important to begin by doing your homework. This means research, research and more research. Plan ahead of time by setting out to find the best area for the business to be located. Allow enough time to visit several locations and scour the market for the volume of the target audience that is in and can easily access this area.


Office space location determines the cost and volume of customers that the business will endure. Make sure the area is a safe and productive one for the type of business being opened. Easily accessible and convenience in parking is something that every marketing team should consider before settling on a location. Although price is a determining factor, never let it be the motivation to rent. In some cases, cheap rent is a sign that something is wrong with the area or building itself. Also make certain that the location of the business is near other popular attractions such as restaurants, shopping centres or tourists attractions. This is especially important in retail businesses because it provides overflow and walk-through traffic from neighbouring businesses.

Go Virtual

If renting a physical space isn’t in the budget or perhaps not necessary at the time, a virtual office could be the answer. This is the best way to get more bang for your buck and all of the conveniences of having an effectively operated office. Start-ups and home based businesses are thriving due to the conveniences provided by virtual office spaces. Many of these offer meeting spaces if needed for client interaction as well.
Finding office space near Saint Paul, for a growing or new business can be challenging.

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