Factors Determining the Installation Cost of Residential Glass in Austin, TX

A glass shower door allows more natural light into your bathroom, and is an attractive addition to any space. The cost of installing a glass door may be unpredictable, and you should talk to a professional who can let you know what to expect during the installation process. Once you find a reliable company to install your Residential Glass in Austin TX, there are a few factors that affect installation cost, which will be discussed below.

Opening Size

The primary factor in determining the cost of a shower door installation is the size of your enclosure’s opening. If your bathroom has a shower/tub combo, the door will be larger than that for a standalone shower. Some shower-only enclosures are larger, allowing for a more spacious feel -; but the cost will be higher because the door will need to be custom built.

Glass Types

The type of glass you choose can greatly affect the cost of installing Residential Glass in Austin TX. Some doors have light metal frames all the way around; there are also frameless doors that have special hardware and thicker glass. A frameless shower door costs more to install than the framed variety, but you’ll get a cleaner, more airy feel. Frosted, tinted and antiglare glass are other great options. The higher the quality of the glass, the more it will cost Fashion Glass and Mirror to install the door.

Door Types

The type of door you choose can determine the amount you pay for installation. Door choice often comes down to what works best for your existing shower enclosure. Installation costs are typically higher with sliding doors, and with certain types of glass. If you choose a sliding door, expect to pay less than you’d pay for a hinged, frameless door. Before choosing a door, set a budget -; and stick to it.

Glass Walls

If your shower enclosure is very large and you want glass side walls, they can be installed right along with your door. This will increase your installation cost, but you’ll have a more open, light feel. The cost to install glass shower doors depends mostly upon the glass you choose, and upon your shower’s size. Before deciding who will install your Residential Glass in Austin TX, talk to at least three different professionals to find one with whom you’re comfortable.

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