Eyelash Extensions in Longmont

If getting lash volume is a part of your beauty routine, no doubt you are aware of eyelash extensions. A recent report indicates that eyelash extensions in Longmont are becoming increasingly popular, even more so than mascara. False eyelashes are not new. The US patent for false eyelashes was granted over 100 years ago. Years later, this innovative idea has morphed into the popular eyelash extensions. Semi-permanent eyelash extensions were first introduced early in this century. This innovation allowed beauty conscious women to save time and money. The days of mascara are out.

There are many reasons why eyelash extensions have exploded in popularity. Not only do they add length and volume, but they are also user-friendly. They give women beautiful lashes without having to spend a great deal of money on the cosmetic alternative. Beauticians at JMarie Skin Studio apply single-strand lash extensions. This technique provides a more natural look, adding both length and volume. The technique used lasts up to three weeks when an hour’s maintenance renews the look. Spending a relaxing hour every two to three weeks certainly is better than spending 10 minutes a day to apply mascara. Saving valuable time is a pleasant relief for busy women who need to get the most out of their day.

While on the subject of beautiful eyes, eyebrow microblading is an ideal way to fill in thin areas in eyebrows, making them look fuller. Just as eyelash extensions eliminate the time-consuming application of mascara, permanent eyebrows eliminate the need for drawing and filling in eyebrow makeup. Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment used for creating beautiful eyebrows. A handheld tool is used to apply pigment in individual strokes. The technique results in defined lines that look like hair. The existing eyebrow is not damaged. Pigment is only placed in the dermal layer, resulting in lines of color that last easily two to three years.

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