Exposing 3 Myths About Unhealthy Vs. Healthy Dog Chew Treats

Many dog owners are uncertain about the information they see online or in advertisements about healthy dog chew treats. They may have long held misunderstandings about what some of the common dog chew treats are made of and how they are processed, which can lead to challenges in choosing healthy options.

It can also get confusing with various claims on social media sites and even on blogs and website. Ideally, talk to your vet about options in healthy dog chew treats and do your research on reputable websites with sources providing information from studies by animal health scientists and researchers.

Here are three common myths about dog chew treats. Recognizing these myths and understanding better options to give your dog will help you to feel great about providing a chew treat for a job well done.

Myth: Shredded and Pressed Rawhide is Safe

Rawhide is the inner layer of beef hide and is a byproduct of the tanning industry. While not unhealthy, rawhide has extremely limited health benefits for your pet. Chewing the toy produces slimy, strings of hide. When swallowed, these strings, even when made from shredded rawhide, forms a lumpy mass in the stomach which can cause a blockage. This is a potentially life-threatening condition and may require surgery.

Instead, look for healthy dog chew treats with high digestibility levels. Baked pork chews have a 99.9% digestibility rating in 24 hours.

Myth: All Processing Of Pet Treats are Healthy

Dog food and treat manufacturing are not controlled the same way as human food production. However, there are some top dog chew manufacturers who process, package and ship their products from GFSI or Global Food Safety Initiative certified facilities. This includes safe manufacturing and handling of the treats throughout the process

Myth: Dogs Can Eat Treats Without Supervision

With any dog and any dog chew, always supervise the pet. This allows you to remove the chew treat if it appears it may be swallowed and pose a choking risk to your pet.

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