Explain The Difference Between Deep, Brazilian & Full Bikini Waxing

When it comes to getting rid of hair, some women like to get varying amounts of their genital hair in the bikini area removed, and waxing services Jacksonville can do services like a Deep, Brazilian or Full Bikini Wax. Waxing Services

Jacksonville Can Provide Various Hair Removal Options
Here is an explanation of how much hair each of these services removes:

Deep Bikini Wax – If a woman gets a deep bikini wax done, this type of waxing services Jacksonville clinics can offer removes all of the hair around the vaginal area and leaves only a small triangular of hair in the genital region.

Brazilian Bikini Wax – A Brazilian bikini wax gets rid of all the hair in the genital area except for a small section right above the vaginal area.

Full Brazilian Bikini Wax – This procedure gets rid of all the hair in the entire genital region. This leaves the entire area hair free and a woman can wear any sort of lingerie or swim suit with no worry of revealing hair sticking out.

Other Forms of Bikini Wax Exists
Other forms of a bikini wax some waxing services Jacksonville clinics may offer include French, which removes all the hair from the front part of the genital area except for a small strip, but doesn’t get rid of the hair in the back like a regular Brazilian would do. Additionally, some clinics may call a full Brazilian a “Hollywood” when they remove all the genital hair.

All in all, waxing is an easy, fast and efficient method of getting rid of unwanted hair on the body, including in the genital region. If you are in the Jacksonville area and are interested in getting some type of body waxing services done, call Michelle’s Salon & Spa at (904) 329-2573 for an appointment.

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