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by | Sep 8, 2014 | Doors and Windows

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The safety of any building, whether residential or commercial, is crucial to its occupants. One way of ensuring this is by having a secure door. The significance of proper installation, repair and maintenance of doors can, therefore, not be overemphasized. Poorly installed doors lead to infiltration of air into the house that will require constant air conditioning. In the end, you may incur increased heating and cooling costs. Doors also add aesthetic value to your building. However, Door Installation in Tinley Park is not everyone’s specialty, and you may, therefore, have to hire professionals to do it.

There are various types of doors, and the type you choose depends on your preference and affordability. Some of the widely used doors are:

  • Bi-fold doors: their concertina-like effects makes proper utilization of available space. They also make it easier to create large entries into the available space
  • Dutch/stable doors: their convenience makes them applicable in many scenarios like controlling pets and children, or creating more space in the kitchen as a serving area
  • French doors: they vary both in size and the material they are constructed from. They are characterized by their ability to create up a space to facilitate a big entry
  • Sliding doors: their main advantage over conventional hinged doors is their ability to maximize the available space and create extensive entries
  • Stacker doors: they provide numerous openings to the house allowing you to open a full section of the wall
  • Roller doors: they are particularly used as garage doors. They are automated and take up little space
  • Tilt doors: commonly used in sheds and garages. They are cost-effective in creating simple large entrances
  • Security screen doors: they give a provision to add an extra protective layer on the front door and allow entry of additional ventilation and sunlight
  • Hinged doors: it is the most common type of door. A solid wood panel is fixed to the door jamb using one or two hinges.

For more information on each door, Contact Evergreen Door and Window.

Each door has a different installation technique, and it is advisable that you hire experts in Door Installation in Tinley Park. Specialists in door installation are experience and can take minimal time to take measurements and fix the door. They have many options from which you can select, and can customize a door to meet your specifications.

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