Experience Traditional Hawaiian Song and Dance with Great Kahiko Hula in Honolulu

One of the great things about going on vacation is getting to experience different places and cultures than your own. When you visit Italy, you want to enjoy authentic Italian food, see the beauty of the Italian countryside, and take in Italian art, music, and culture at every stage from the Roman Empire to the Renaissance Masters to modern day. When you visit England, you want to visit the places where Shakespeare and Dickens lived or take in the lush green fields that inspired everyone from the Pearl Poet and Chaucer to Austen and the Bronte Sisters.

And when you visit the Hawaiian islands, you can bet that you’ll want to experience the majesty and excitement that is traditional hula dancing! Here, then, is what you can expect from the best places featuring kahiko hula in Honolulu

A Magnificent Tradition

For those not in the know, there are many different forms of hula dancing and song in Hawaii, each with its own wonderful tradition and legacy. Kahiko hula, in particular, refers to hula songs and dances that are older and more traditional, originating before 1894 when Hawaiian monarchy came to an end. From there, it was just a few short years before the U.S. annexed the islands.

Kahiko hula today, therefore, can serve as an invaluable window into Hawaii’s past, enabling visitors to the island to learn more about its cultural history and heritage in a fun, melodic manner.

Food and Song

One of the great things about hula dancing at Hawaiian restaurants, in general, is that it creates a culinary experience unlike any other. The best restaurants and places featuring traditional kahiko hula also allow guests to partake in authentic Hawaiian cuisine, giving you a culinary and rhythmic experience that’s second to none.

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