Experience Hula Kahiko in Hawaii

Traditional Hawaiian dance is some of the most beautiful dancing in the world and you would be very remiss not to get to enjoy the experience of watching professionals dance the hula kahiko when you are in Hawaii. Being able to experience this dance as performed by experts is a far cry from seeing it performed by amateurs, which is why you will want to make sure that you take time in your trip for this experience.

Consider the Ambiance

To ensure that you enjoy the hula kahiko in Hawaii, you will want to not only make sure that the people performing it are professionals who understand the importance of every movement but also that it is being performed in an amazing location. When you watch the hula kahiko be performed under the stars after an amazing meal, you are sure to love and fully enjoy the experience.

The Dance

The hula kahiko is a traditional type of hula dance that requires a less-involved music to go along with the movements. When you experience this hula, the performers will be dancing to traditional instruments as opposed to guitars. Look for castanets, split bamboo sticks, gourds filled with seeds, and more. These instruments are part of what sets this type of hula apart from more contemporary dancing. To understand the history of this type of dance, you will want to make sure that you enjoy the more traditional dancing.

Contact us to make sure that you get to enjoy hula the way it is supposed to be enjoyed – performed by professionals out in the open, the waves gently lapping on the beach and the stars shining overhead. You are sure to love the whole experience from amazing food to the friendly and talented dancers and even the location.

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