Expand Your Views on What a Wood Fence in Woodbury, MN Really Is

What does a wood fence in Woodbury MN look like? For many, the view immediately conjured up is a tall fence that completely blocks out all the views, making the property look more like a prison than a space for a family. Today’s wood fencing is completely different and offers several options for homeowners to choose from. Toss out what you may think you know about wood fences and consider these interesting ideas for residential properties.

Picket Fencing

This is one of the most traditional choices for a Wood Fence in Woodbury MN. Picket fences tend to have an iconic look and can be useful to create a barrier around the property or just be there for decoration. Either way, a picket fence adds to the aesthetics of a space and offers lots of different entryway choices. If you’re interested in the home with the white picket fence, this may be the best choice for you. Visit Dakota Unlimited for beautiful pictures of wood picket fencing.

Lattice Style Fencing

Lattice offers a completely different take on the idea of surrounding a yard with a fence. This is an ideal choice for a property owner looking to have a barrier around the area without completely closing it off from view. The lattice keeps the area bright and often creates a comfy and cozy feeling for those inside of it. It can blend in seamlessly with any style backyard decor and offers the perfect balance of separation and openness.

Wood That Isn’t Wood

What happens when a person loves the look and feel of a wood fence but isn’t interested in some of the maintenance and care that often comes with it? Sustainable materials are brought together with a wood grain effect to give the appearance of real wood, also known as simulated wood. The authentic look will fool even the nosiest of neighbors and allow property owners to create their ideal look. At the same time, this type of fencing requires little to no maintenance, perfect for those that don’t want to spend their weekends staining or sealing wood. This is often considered the best of both worlds, creating the look of wood without all the work.

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