Exclusive Features That Make Rough Terrain Cranes in Illinois So Good

Are you looking for a suitable crane to handle off-road or rugged terrain applications? Well, your answer lies on rough terrain cranes. Unlike other types of cranes such as tower cranes or track-mounted cranes, the rough terrain cranes in Illinois stand tall when it comes to maneuverability on unfavorable road conditions or surfaces. But what makes these cranes so good at their work? To answer this question, we shall walk you through exclusive features that make the cranes versatile and flexible for both rough and off-road applications.

Oversized Tires

The first thing you’ll realize about the rough terrain cranes is their big tires mounted on hyper-sized axles. The reason for the oversized tires is to increase ground traction and stability even when moving over steep slopes. As such, they can easily maneuver in places other normal cranes can’t.

Hyper Sized Axles

For a rough terrain crane to easily move on uneven surfaces, it should have at least two axles, each having differentials for wheel propulsion. In addition, the axes are mounted with telescopic booms for maximum climbing power. This improves the maneuverability of the crane over muddy grounds and steep hills.

H-Pattern Hydraulic Outriggers

The rough terrain cranes are fitted with h- pattern hydraulic outriggers, which serve to increase the center of gravity as they operate or move. What’s more, the outriggers adjust the height of the crane depending on the slope, hence leveling itself even on uneven ground.

If you are working on a project requiring rough terrain cranes in Illinois, don’t hesitate to get in touch with La Grange Crane Service, Inc. today.

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