Examples of Reasons Why Applications Are Denied Under Social Security Disability Law

Becoming disabled before retirement age is relatively common, with about 20 percent of working adults having to deal with this change in circumstances. Not all of them apply for benefits under the Social Security Disability Law, and a majority who do find that their first application is denied by the administration. Attorneys who represent clients trying to navigate the complex governmental benefits system can help people who are unable to earn a living and have been denied federal disability payments.

A lawyer also can provide guidance on how to proceed for a person who has not been approved for disability payments and does not have health insurance. Since most people have health insurance through a job, this is a common scenario except for those who are covered under a spouse’s or domestic partner’s insurance benefits.

Minimizing Fraud and Other Payment Issues

Although it may seem as though the Social Security Administration is trying to avoid paying benefits to deserving citizens, in reality, the agency is trying to minimize fraud and paying out benefits to people who actually are able to work. In some cases, applicants are not intentionally committing fraud but don’t truly realize they are well enough to hold down a job. They may simply feel depressed and defeated after their physical capacity is reduced, and they no longer can do the work they used to.

Long-Term Disability Only

Another consideration under Social Security Disability Law is that these benefits are intended only for U.S. residents who will be unable to work full-time for a lengthy period or permanently. Short-term disability benefits are only available through private programs and state governments. In the federal government’s view, people only qualify for long-term disability benefits if they will be unable to work for at least 12 months.

Errors and Inadequate Documentation

In spite of all this, in many cases of claim denial, the applicant simply made an error on the paperwork or was not thorough enough in providing documentation about the medical problem. Information about one particular organization that helps clients fill out applications and file appeals can be seen at the website website.com.

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