Examining the Law with a DUI Lawyer in Twin Falls, ID

In Idaho, drunk drivers are convicted of a DUI if they have a blood-alcohol content reading beyond the legal limit. The laws also indicate that the state can seek additional convictions based on the driver’s actions and choices. A DUI lawyer in Twin Falls, ID could provide a more in-depth explanation of local laws for defendants.

Explaining Implied Consent

According to state laws, any driver that makes the conscious choice to drive while intoxicated gives their implied consent for chemical testing. The ruling indicates that the defendant cannot refuse to submit to testing after their implied consent is offered, and any evidence that shows they were intoxicated is admissible in court.

What Are the Repercussions of a Refusal?

The penalties of a first-time conviction for a refusal to submit to testing is a driver’s license suspension of one year. For a second conviction, the driver faces a two-year driver’s license suspension. For either offense and subsequent convictions, the driver is required by law to install an ignition interlocking device in their vehicle. A recurring history of refusals could lead to more substantial penalties if the driver is convicted of a fourth DUI.

Could the Defendant Be Offered a Plea Bargain?

Yes, in some cases, it is possible for the defendant’s attorney to coordinate a plea bargain. Typically, the deal involves a confession of driving drunk for a lesser DUI-related charge. The state refers to the charge as a wet reckless driving charge. Additionally, some courts may allow a plea bargain if the defendant agrees to seek professional alcohol rehabilitation services. By accepting the plea bargain, the defendant must fulfill all obligations as directed by the court. Failure to comply with the requirements could lead to a dismissal of the bargain, and the defendant could incur the original penalties for their conviction.

In Idaho, DUI convictions lead to severe penalties. The drivers incur penalties based on their blood-alcohol content reading, whether or not an accident occurred, and any actions they take during their arrest. A local attorney could explain vital details about the laws related to DUI charges. Defendants who need to hire a DUI lawyer in Twin Falls, ID are encouraged to visit Domain for more information right now.