Everything Your Pet Could Need

We love our pets and make them a part of our family the second they come home with us. They are incredibly important and we want to do everything we can to keep them happy and healthy. One of the most critical ways to ensure that your pet is receiving the best care is by having a good team of people to help with everything you could need. Belle Aire Kennels is the team you need. This kennel has a great staff with owners that live on site and trained to manage pet stress in a quiet residential neighbourhood. Pets get lots of attention and care no matter what reason they are there.

Belle Aire Kennels has a wide variety of services for your pet. They offer boarding services for when you are out of town and unable to bring your pet along. They also have day care to give your pet an opportunity to socialize and play with other pets and to stave off boredom at home. They offer Dog Grooming in Wheaton to ensure that your dog is clean and fresh as well. Grooming can occur while your dog is boarded at the kennel, but you also have the option of bringing your dog in for a wide range of services for grooming only. They offer full packages for shampooing, cut and style, but you can also choose to bring your dog in for a simple nail trim or ear cleaning. They give you the option to specify what your pet needs. Without a doubt, they are a kennel that is a cut above the rest and will do anything they can to ensure your pet is well cared for and gets as much love as he or she would at home.

When you have a good team around your pet, it makes everything a lot easier. We want our pets to be with us as much as possible, but fun times can be had while you are apart when your pet is at Belle Aire Kennels. Whether you are looking for Dog Grooming in Wheaton , or kennelling or day care services for when you are working or out of town, this kennel can take care of your pet. You will love having Belle Aire as a member of your team.

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