Esthetic Dentistry Services Can Put the Sparkle Back into Your Smile

A beautiful smile is something that people are proud to own and gladly will flash at other individuals. Flashing a stunning smile is often contagious and other people will grin back at the person. Plus, a smile shows that a person has confidence when they flash their pearly white teeth. While general dental care can help maintain beautiful teeth, other factors can affect how a smile appears. The food you eat, beverages, age, smoking and certain health conditions play a factor in the health of your teeth. That is why when you want to improve the appearance of your smile, you can benefit from esthetic dentistry services in Columbia, MD area.

Cosmetic Treatments

  • Teeth whitening to remove any staining that leaves your teeth discolored and helps brighten them.
  • Veneers are a porcelain cement that is placed on the front of your teeth to correct misshapen teeth or chips.
  • Dental crowns enhance the shape, alignment or appearance of a damaged tooth.
  • Esthetic dentistry services in Columbia MD also includes treatments to correct crooked or misaligned teeth.
  • Dental bridges designed to replace or restore missing teeth that have been damaged or dislodged.

Obtain a Charming Smile Today

Preferred Dental is your resource for acquiring cosmetic dentistry treatments to help put the sparkle back into your smile. They use the latest techniques and technology available to provide each patient with the services they require. Whether you want to remove teeth staining or to repair a damaged tooth, they will work with you to find the right solution. You do not have to let an imperfect smile affect your self-confidence when an answer is available. You can achieve your oral care goals today when you schedule an appointment for a consultation with one of their certified dental experts.