Estate Planning Is a Smart Move

Proper planning for the inevitable is the most important thing you could do for your family. However, should you hire a probate attorney in Hollywood, FL, to help you settle your affairs? In most cases, you should. Florida has multiple probate processes, and you don’t want to file the wrong paperwork, only to find it isn’t correct when the time comes to settle your estate with your loved ones. What types of things can a probate attorney help a client with? Probate attorneys make sure you have a last will and testament so your family won’t have to worry and stress about extra things. It is always best to try and anticipate all of the issues that could come up with an untimely death.

Why a Probate Attorney Is Preferred

What if someone doesn’t hire a probate attorney to plan their affairs? The deceased family member will be intestate, which means they passed prior to making a last will and testament. This can cause much division and strife within their family. Who will get the house? Who will receive their inheritance? How much will go to their ex-wife? All of this will be in the balance of whoever wins screaming matches and lawyer driven battles. This can be avoided by being prepared and meeting with a probate attorney in Hollywood, FL, to create a last will and testament.

Do You Need a Will?

How do you know if you need a last will and testament? You might believe a will is only needed if you are considered wealthy, but that is not true at all. People who are ordinary, middle class citizens have many reasons to write a last will and testament. If you have a spouse or one or more children, you need to identify beneficiaries. Even if you don’t have money to hand out, you could possibly be handing out debt to all of your loved ones too. Everyone needs a will and testament, and hiring a probate attorney in Hollywood, FL, is the way to ensure its success.

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