Essential Tips to Making Your Courthouse Wedding as Meaningful as Possible

There are plenty of reasons why a lot of couples go for a courthouse wedding. It’s affordable, fast and convenient. Because saving up on costs doesn’t have to mean giving up on making your day a special one. Here are some tips on how to make yours a fantastic one:

Decide on the ceremony

Do you want to go with a religious ceremony or a non-denominational one? Whichever kind of ceremony you decide on will influence your officiant as well, says the Wedding Wire. Make sure you and your partner both approve of it before you push forward.

Get the right officiant

Officiants can help set the tone and mood of the wedding. So make sure you find someone who can make that happen. Opt for the officiant who really takes time to get to know you and your would be spouse and puts in the effort to make the ceremony as special and meaningful to you both as possible.

Go bilingual

Exchanging “I do’s” doesn’t have to happen in one language. If your loved one’s mother tongue is Spanish, it can be incredibly romantic to hear you say the words in that language. It’s not just going to score major points with your special someone, it can also give you that extra seal of approval from the rest of her family. Going for a bilingual officiant for your courthouse wedding can easily make this possible.

Personalize the ceremony

You can talk to your officiant about changing certain terms—like replacing ‘man and wife’ with ‘husband and wife.’ Or exchanging vows you’ve personally written. Talk to your clergy or officiant about any changes or adjustments you want so you know which ones are possible and not.

With these tips, your wedding ceremony should go off without any problems. So get your planning started on the right foot. Start with these handy suggestions.

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