Essential Loading Dock Equipment In Phoenix, AZ That Requires Proper Maintenance

A loading dock is often the hub of a manufacturing company, and though many business owners don’t place great importance on maintaining or repairing broken components, a failure to do so may have disastrous results and create liabilities. A docking system is composed of a variety of elements that make it easier for drivers to utilize the dock system and help to keep workers and the facility safe. Here is a quick look a the Loading Dock Equipment in Phoenix AZ that requires replacement at the first sign of trouble.

Dock Bumpers

If a large truck makes contact with a building when pulling up to a docking bay, it will often lead to thousands of dollars in property damage. A bumper system is designed to prevent these issues by absorbing the impact. If the bumpers have experienced a great deal of use, they may begin to show signs of wear, which will reduce their absorption properties and may lead to property damage or personal injury.

Light Warning System

Many companies utilize a light warning system that helps guide drivers when approaching a dock system and will signal the driver to stop when they have safely reached the bay opening. If the sensors or control switches that operate the lights cease functioning, it will prevent the signaling system from working reliably. Regular checks of the sensors will ensure the device functions as intended to stave off a disastrous situation.

Dock Levelers

A dock leveling system is either controlled manually or through the use of a hydraulic motor and is a piece of Loading Dock Equipment in Phoenix AZ that makes it easier to load and unload items by adjusting the height of the dock to match the dimensions of a truck or trailer. Issues with a dock leveler are not only frustrating but may be dangerous, as a defect will cause it to operate unpredictably. Stop using the device at the first sign of a malfunction and be sure to have it inspected and repaired by a professional.

A dock streamlines the process of loading and unloading goods from nearly any size truck. ASAP Door Repair & Service Inc. is a leading provider of commercial and residential door repairs and will have any damaged components repaired and working like new in no time. Contact them today to schedule a repair appointment and restore the operation of a dock as quickly as possible. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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