Essential Items You Need if You Have to File a Claim With Your Automobile Insurance Company Santa Cruz

No one ever wants to have an accident. Automobile accidents can be frightening and costly. However, if you are prepared, you can reduce the costs of an accident by filing your claim promptly so your car can be repaired and you can resume your life. These items should be in every vehicle on the road.

Proof of Insurance

After purchasing a policy from an Automobile Insurance Company Santa Cruz drivers receive an insurance card to carry in their glove box. This proof of insurance contains all of the information the other driver and the police officer at the accident scene will need. In some cases, having this information on hand can help you avoid a court appearance. Because drivers are required by law to carry liability insurance on their vehicle, keeping proof of insurance in your car is a good idea.

Vehicle Registration

You may be asked to provide proof that your car is registered to you at the accident scene. Having the registration information near your insurance card can help you easily retrieve it in the tense moments following an accident. Your registration form can help the officer fill out the accident report without having to ask you for the information.

Accident Information Kit

Though the police will gather information at the scene, you should take notes as well. Having a list of information that you should collect, including the date and time of the accident and the other driver’s name, contact number, license plate number, insurance company, policy number and vehicle information, will help you record the data you need to file your claim. You will also need a notepad and a pen in your car. Don’t rely on the officer to collect the information you need for you. Police reports are often not available until a few days after the accident.

When contacting the Automobile Insurance Company Santa Cruz drivers should have all of the information on hand to file their claim. The sooner you contact your insurance company, the more likely you will be to accurately recall the events that led up to the accident. For more information on how to file an insurance claim, contact Coast Auto Insurance.

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