Environmentally-Friendly Elegance: Terrazzo Countertops

Kitchen and bathroom countertop trends may change, but one thing remains the same; homeowners want countertops that are beautiful, low-maintenance, on-trend, but also classic enough to be stylish for years. Added to that, many homeowners now want to use products that are environmentally friendly. Terrazzo is a great option that meets all of those requirements. Traditionally made of an aggregate, like marble or glass, put into a binding material like concrete or an epoxy-resin, terrazzo can use recycled materials to provide the green element and does not require the same quarrying that other high end materials require. This makes terrazzo a wonderful, green option for the high-end kitchen.

However, the costs of terrazzo have made it prohibitive for many homeowners. Though it is a green material, like stone surfaces, terrazzo has traditionally been purchased by the slab. Added to that, the need for special fabricators and installers, and homeowners could easily anticipate costs approaching or surpassing ten thousand or more for a kitchen installation. While it was a great “green” material, it involved spending a whole lot of “green” to get the look. Fortunately, Trend Terrazzo offers you a way to get the look, strength, and durability of terrazzo without the high price tag, by using terrazzo tiles to create a countertop surface. If you think tiles means you will have to deal with lots of joints and grout lines, then you need to learn more about Trend Terrazzo. Our lightweight tiles are perfect for use in countertop installations and are available in custom sizes and in standard sizes large enough to use a single-tile in many applications.

To find out more about Trend Terrazzo, including information about all of our Trend Terrazzo Tile Collections and which ones can be used for countertop applications, contact us at our toll-free number: 1-866-508-7363.