Environmentalists Recommend the Addition of Gas Fireplace Inserts in Draper, UT

The inclusion of gas fireplace inserts in Draper, UT offers a number of energy-saving and environmental advantages. These types of accessories, which are featured by such retailers as Degrees Above Fireplaces, come in both traditional and modern styles, feature convenient fingertip controls, supply high-efficiency heat, and maintain a constant comfort level throughout the home.

Some of the Amenities

When you install gas fireplace inserts, you no longer have to worry about any chilly drafts. Also, the inserts make are easily converted from existing fireplaces. Because the inserts are EPA-certified, they feature very low emission ratings.

Why Fireplace Inserts Save Money

In fact, contemporary gas fireplace inserts are designed to be much more efficient than open fireplaces, which have low efficiency rankings of around 10%. That is because an open hearth pulls a great deal of heat into the flames, which leads to a quick-burning and energy-wasting fire.

The Utmost in Energy Efficiency

When you use gas fireplace inserts, you are also making use of an airtight and sealed door system. This type of closure generates a slower-burning and more energy-efficient fire. As a result, the efficiency rating for these kinds of inserts can be as much as 80%. You can therefore save a great deal of money on the costs of heating your home when you use an insert. The airtight seal of the appliance prevents heat from escaping as well as entering the home.

Prepare Your Chimney for the Fireplace Insert

When installing this type of improvement, it is usually helpful to have a chimney professional add a chimney liner first to ensure safer functioning.

Fuels That Work with Inserts

Besides natural gas, inserts are available that work with such fuels as propane, wood, pellets, or coals. While some fireplace inserts are installed flush with a fireplace’s façade, others project a couple inches from the firebox onto the hearth. Regardless of their design, they all complement your home’s décor and reduce your energy bill.

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