Ensure Your Drains Function Properly With Drain Cleaning in Allentown

When the plumbing in your home is acting up you have little choice about repairing the problem. Water leaks can make serious messes and ruin the cabinets, floors and walls of the building. If the problem is a clogged drain then the situation could vary from mild annoyance to gunk overflowing onto your beautiful home surfaces. Clogged drains come from a variety of causes ranging from hair in the bathroom fixtures to food in the kitchen ones. If the problem is the toilet then the clog could be the result of too much paper or other soft matter in the lines or a serious blockage somewhere in the sewer pipes. The solution to these problems is to contact an expert in Drain Cleaning in Allentown.

Indoor drains normally come equipped with a gas trap that blocks the smelly vapors from exiting the sewage pipes. These are the U or S shaped fittings that are installed somewhere close to the drains. In the case of sinks where the pipes are easy to access the fix is relatively simple, but it can be a little messy. You need to loosen the pipe so any excess water drains out then remove the trap. Be sure to have a bucket or other basin to catch the water that leaks out. Once you have the trap free you can clean out the gunk. While this fix is fairly easy for an experienced plumber it can lead to major headaches if you don’t handle the pipes properly.

The other drain clog can be much more difficult to eliminate. Clogged sewer lines usually require that a plumber snake the drain free. The pipe snake is a long flexible cable with an auger attached to it. It is designed so the cable can thread through curves and pipe joints without snagging. The auger will pierce the clog and should be enough to get the effluent flowing again. At this point the plumber will probably use a video snake to see if any of the clog remains. If the pipe is still partially blocked then they may suggest you have the sewers cleaned with a hydrojet wash. If your drains are clogged or are simply slowing down and you are in need of Drain Cleaning in Allentown.

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