Ensure a Steady Supply of Hot Water With Expert Water Heater Repair in Bellevue

Hot water is a convenience that few people care to do without, but the most common appliances used for heating water can fail unexpectedly. Most homes use a water heating system that stores the heated water in a large tank. This works reasonably well when a lot of heated water is required. There are two types of tank based units. The first uses natural gas or propane to heat the water and the other uses electrical resistance. There are some interesting differences between these two types. For instance, the gas burning unit has an exhaust tube running up the center of the tank which is not necessary for an electric model. Reliable water heater repair in Bellevue must keep these differences in mind whenever the appliance fails.

Gas based models use a metering system to control fuel and an electronic ignition device to start the flame. These devices tend to be very reliable, but as the appliance ages, they can fail. Another area where gas water heaters can develop problems is corrosion around the base of the tank. Corrosion can occur for a few reasons including the repeated stress caused by heating and cooling the metal. One way that water heater manufacturers combat this issue is with a liner. Tanks can be lined with glass or cement, cement tends to be the more expensive option. One reason for this is that cement provides consistent coverage over seams and fittings while glass tends to be thinner in these areas. Corrosion is one of those failures that require replacing the appliance.

Electric units frequently require water heater repair in Bellevue when the heating elements fail. This version of the tank based water heater uses one or more thermostats and heating elements to control the temperature of the water. The elements are mounted through the tank so they are immersed in the water. However, this can cause problems as the elements age because they become corroded and eventually short out. Replacing the elements may seem like a simple task, but it requires the correct tools because minerals inside the tank can cement the fitting and element together. Another issue that an electric system might develop is a short circuit between the element and a ground such as the tank. This problem causes the unit to always heat water until an emergency switch shuts off the power.

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