Enjoy A Dry And Stable Basement With Foundation Repair In Baltimore

A damp basement can lead to a foul smell in a home and mold spores traveling throughout a home that can make the occupants sick. Even a crawl space can harbor airborne mold, bacteria and undesirable things in the air. There are simple and affordable solutions to these problems when a homeowner contacts a company experienced in Foundation Repair in Baltimore. A crawl space is just as important to protect from water, insect, and rodent damage as a basement is. Water that pushes against the foundation can cause it to shift and create an unstable structure. Rotting wood in a crawl space, mildew and mold can easily develop in either type of area.

Cracks in a foundation are very serious. They can appear due to foundation settlement or water not properly draining away from the foundation. When a crack appears, it’s almost inevitable that water will begin to seep in. Homeowners will often see a small amount of water or mineral stains on the wall and think it’s just normal foundation wear. The truth is, these cracks should be repaired, so it eliminates any chance of further water damage in the home. A Foundation Repair in Baltimore can perform a thorough inspection of the foundation to determine the cause of the water the correct treatment to eliminate the problem.

Injection of an epoxy or polyurethane product will only temporarily correct the problem. The crack should be grooved and sealed with hydraulic cement. After that has dried, the crack should be covered with a layer of armored vinyl to protect the area from any seepage into the cracked area. If the foundation is not equipped with a pressure relief drain system, one should be installed as part of the foundation repair and waterproofing process. This type of work should be warranted by the company.

Encapsulating a crawl space will stabilize the environment and improve the health of the living area above it. Eliminating the moisture in the ground from entering the living area is completed by placing a heavy duty liner to block it. Armored Basement Waterproofing LLC Baltimore has all of the experience needed, so a homeowner enjoys a healthy and dry living area.

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