Enhance the Customer Experience with Shrink Sleeve Labels

Have you noticed shelves at local retailers seem more colorful and lively lately? Bright and attractive products can put you in a better mood and you feel more like buying. Part of this newfound attraction is due to modern shrink sleeve labels. In fact, they can help to enhance the customer’s opinion of you and your products and this will enhance your sales numbers.

What is a Shrink Sleeve?

Shrink sleeves and pre-printed sleeves which fit over plastic bottles and containers. Once heated, they take the shape of the bottle and there is no need for label glue. This eliminates problems associated with label tearing and accidental removal.

Here is how the process works:

Rolls of sleeves are fed into machines where shrink sleeve labels are opened, separated and placed on blank containers. Sleeved containers then pass through a heat tunnel. Some tunnels use a combination of heat and steam to shrink the labels for a perfect fit.

Benefits of Shrink Labels

  • Visual appeal – people are drawn to colorful and attractive packaging. You can enjoy custom color printing with any message, image or logo you like. This is an effective way to advertise your brand, just by sitting on the shelf.
  • Durability – Your custom shrink sleeve labels will not come off the containers. Even if they are dropped or treated roughly, the labels are there to stay.
  • Cost effective – since no glue is required, you save money on materials and also important production time.
  • Enhanced security – shrink sleeves can make perfect security seals for bottle tops. In fact, they can be used as added security to increase customer confidence in your products.
  • Eco friendly – shrink labels are easy to remove and recycle and sleeveless containers are easier to recycle. With this kind of packaging, both manufacturer and consumer are winners.

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