English Classes Taught For English As A Second Language

If someone wants to learn English because they speak a different language, then English classes for English as a Second Language is something they should pursue. This type of class is very popular for new immigrants or other people who need to learn English for their jobs or to be able to get around well in the US or other English speaking countries.

English Classes for Second Language Known as ESL or ELL

The classes taught as a second language are also known as ESL or English Second Language or ELL or English Language Learners or even EL or English Learners. All of these terms have been used when labeling classes of English for non-English speakers.

Some Classes Taught Only in English, Some in Other Languages

There are several ways to teach English classes meant to teach English to non-English speaking students. Some are taught in both the language of the student, as well as in English. Other types of these classes are taught only in English, but are done in a fashion that the students can still understand the procedure. It all may depend on the proficiency of the students taking the class. If they already know and understand some English, it can be a benefit to have the class all in English.

Students Take English Classes for Citizenship Tests

Some of the students taking these classes are doing so in order to be able to take the US citizenship tests, but others are taking them so they can get around more easily where they live or work. Some people may only be in the US for a job or to attend school, while others are intending on becoming US citizens and so need to better understand the English language.

There are many reasons that students are attending English classes, but all of the classes are meant to teach the English language to non-English speaking students. For courses related more inquiry, you ca visit www.excelenglishinstitute.com or their Facebook page.

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