Employee Health Is The Primary Focus Of Occupational Medicine In Cincinnati, OH

by | May 4, 2016 | Health Care

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One of the most important consideration for businesses of all sizes is the health of their employees. Providers of Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH are concerned about the physical and mental health of people in the workplace. Every organization needs to be able to offer a variety of health care services to employees, ranging from pre-employment screenings to emergency care and workers’ compensation services.

Workplace Safety and Wellness

Some occupations are inherently dangerous, such as construction. However, there are hidden health dangers to employees that are not always considered. For example, 80% of Americans are employed at jobs that require little or no physical activity. It’s well known that these sedentary lifestyles are associated with many serious health problems, including diabetes and cardiac issues.

Wellness programs are worth implementing by even small employers. They are popular with employees and cost-effective. It has been estimated that every dollar spent on a wellness program saves the corporation $3.27 in health-related costs. Wellness programs also add significantly to employee productivity, reducing sick leave by 28%. Workplace morale is improved when workers are not only healthier but also realize their employer is actively concerned about their well being.

Worker’s Compensation

Accidents happen in even the safest workplace. Providing quality care to injured workers under worker’s compensation guidelines is a primary focus of occupational medicine. Workers don’t want to remain out of work for lengthy periods. Prompt as well as effective medical treatment gets injured workers healthy and back on the job as soon as possible.

Physical Exams and Screenings

No employer today can afford to ignore pre-employment drug screens. Many employers also require unscheduled drug tests for employees. DOT regulations require periodic physical exams, but many employers provide physicals for all workers. Vision screenings are another important check which can pinpoint a number of serious health issues in addition to managing vision concerns. Offering annual flu shots to all workers is becoming another increasingly common employee benefit.

Eastside Urgent Care provides exceptional, high-quality Occupational Medicine in Cincinnati OH for organizations of all types. When employee health care services are needed, it’s critical that there is a method in place to provide needed illness management and care. All major insurance plans are accepted. To learn more, visit Esurgentcare.com or call 513-947-9115.