Emergency Dentistry in Lafayette, LA Handles Minor to Major Emergencies with Professional Timeliness

A trip to the dentist does not have to cause a lot of concern. For citizens of Lafayette, Louisiana, trusted dentist Dr. Michael J. Young has mastered many of the pivotal techniques in dentistry to provide superior and practiced care to patients. An emergency can come at any time. They are unpredictable, accidental, and naturally stressful. What better way to relieve the immediate tension than knowing exactly who should be called in this type of situation? Dr. Michael Young provides Emergency Dentistry in Lafayette LA to a wide variety of appreciative patients. His dentistry techniques run through every major and minor area. The office adds dental implants and dentures to qualified patients. Furthermore, he has developed and followed the best strategies to instate cosmetic surgery, replacing missing teeth or repairing a chipped tooth.

The comfort knowing a patient knows exactly who to call given an emergency is unquestionably comforting. An emergency does not have to have intense and pulsating pain or bleeding to qualify as an emergency. Dental emergencies can include a general toothache, broken veneers, denture issues, chipped teeth, a lost filling, and many more. There is little limit to the potential issues that could prop up at any moment.

There are ways to minimize a potential emergency. By visiting the dentist twice a year, a patient allows an expert to go in and take a look at any potential concern. An infection would be spotted early if a patient was visiting the dentist the appropriate number of times. Lost fillings may even go unnoticed for days, or be chalked up to a minor toothache. Unfortunately, an infection may be building during that time. This will require surgery to be fixed, and could have been avoided with proper dental maintenance. This does not just include proper brushing three times a day. This includes a phone call and a scheduled appointment to have a professional take an insightful view of one’s mouth.

Emergency Dentistry in Lafayette, LA can be found in 23 Smiles with Dr. Michael J. Young, DDS. All the most important medical emergencies can be handled promptly. The office wants to offer relief and alleviation from pain and discomfort associated with dental care.