Emeregency Medical Care offered by Urgent Care Centers

Do you know where to go if you have a horrible cough that suddenly becomes worse? If you have cut yourself and may require stitches? If you have a bad rash that is getting worse? While your first thought may be to go to the local emergency room at the hospital, in some cases there is a better option: seeking Emergency Medical Care at your local urgent care center.

An urgent care center provides a wide variety of health care services from a number of patients who are suffering from all sorts of acute injuries and illnesses, but who don’t require the comprehensive services that are offered at the local hospital ER. In most cases, an urgent care center will treat you as a walk-in patient and have an extended schedule that includes evening, weekend and early morning hours.

The individuals working at urgent care clinics, providing the Emergency Medical Care services are usually physicians’ assistants, nurse practitioners and physicians. Approximately 65 percent of all clinics have a physician that is present at all times.

According to the Urgent Care Association of America, there are around 8,700 different urgent care centers in the US providing services to patients with the number steadily increasing. The reason that this is a growing number is due to the number of patients who are seeking services from the ER, which has led to extended wait times at these facilities. However, when urgent care is sought, most patients don’t have to wait any longer than 15 minutes to receive treatment.

A huge benefit of going to an urgent care center is their affordable price. If you head to the ER for an issue such as an ear infection, you can expect a bill around $750; however, at an urgent care center you can expect to pay under $100. This makes emergency care affordable.

If you would like more information about urgent care centers and the many benefits they offer, contact North American Emergency Medical Center. Here you can talk to individuals who work at the facility and who can give you more specific details about the services offered. In many cases, seeking urgent care is the right option.

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