Elixirs And More

Elixirs Drinks in Asheville, NC, provides quality Jun in a variety of flavors conveniently packaged in glass bottles. Jun is a fermented tea that has several health benefits and nutrients that can help you throughout the day. Cooling and refreshing, Jun has been a delicious beverage enjoyed by many for hundreds of years. Similar to kombucha, Jun sets itself apart by being made with green tea and honey. Offering a crisper taste that you can enjoy on any occasion.

Goodies And Kits

Elixirs Drinks has multiple retail locations throughout Asheville, NC. You can visit and shop on the Elixirs Drinks website for your convenience. Wholesale is available both online and in one of our many shops. Kits, cultures, and other goodies are another option to consider purchasing. You will be well on your way to making Jun with the helpful instructions provided and the quality equipment found in each kit. All of this is conveniently located for your next visit.

Online Jun Community

There are many great ways that you can enjoy Jun tea with Elixirs Drinks in Asheville, NC. Recipes can be found online with a quick search. Some communities and blogs share the best ways to enjoy Jun. Read what professionals have learned over their years of experience. Swap recipes with others to explore how green tea and honey act in harmony. The power of the internet has expanded our experience and taste buds. Find your nearest location and pick up a 12-pack of quality Jun.

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