Eliminating Odor When Putting Trash Out For Garbage Removal In Rochester NY

When a homeowner calls a service to do garbage removal in Rochester NY to pick up their household trash, they will want to take the appropriate steps to try keeping odor from becoming a problem during the wait for a truck to arrive. Since odor contributes to wildlife getting close to trash cans, it is important to thwart it if possible so garbage does not end up outside of the containers. Here are some steps a homeowner can take to ensure their trash does not become excessively fragrant.

Keep Trash In A Shaded Area

When trash is put inside of a garbage can, it should not be placed in direct sunlight or in a spot where heat is likely. If the homeowner keeps the trash inside of a garage or shed, it is important that there is no heating source in the area. If a trashcan is kept outdoors, it should be placed in the shade if possible. A tarp can be used to provide shade for containers if there are no trees in the area.

Use More Than One Trash Bag

It is a good idea to double up on trash bags to contain household garbage. This will be helpful in keeping trash in place as well as there will be an added barrier of protection in case one of the bags rip. Using two bags will also help mask any odor rather well.

Add Some Baking Powder To The Can

Baking power works well at minimizing odor. A homeowner can rinse out their trashcan after their garbage is picked up and then allow it to dry in its entirety. Afterward, they can sprinkle some baking powder into the bottom of the can to help trap odor after garbage bags are added to the container.

If someone wishes to find out more about ways to eliminate trash odor, they can call a service that does Garbage Removal in Rochester NY for tips. Contact us to find out more about the services provided or to set up a scheduled trash pickup if desired. Pricing can also be discussed with the service if desired.

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