Eliminating A Nest Of Bees And Bee Nest Removal In Pittsburgh

A nest of honey bees that is located near a residence can pose a risk to a homeowner while time is spent outdoors. To eliminate bees, the following steps can be completed. Bee Nest Removal in Pittsburgh can be completed in order to improve the appearance of a piece of property and to ensure that an entire nest of bees has been eliminated.


   *   mesh fabric

   *   protective clothing

   *   padded work gloves

   *   pesticide

   *   flashlight

   *   ladder

   *   plastic sheeting

   *   shovel

   *   rake

   *   trash bag

Putting On Protective Gear And Administering A Pesticide

A piece of mesh fabric can be used to cover an individual’s face. Long pants and a shirt with long sleeves should be worn to protect skin. A pair of padded work gloves will prevent bees from stinging fingers while a pesticide is applied. If a honey bee hive is located in a tree or on a tall structure, a ladder will need to be set up near a hive. A pesticide should be applied when it is dark outside. Bees are less active at night and will be caught off guard when they are sprayed. Pesticide should be aimed a hive’s opening. An individual should wait a day or two in order to determine if any bees remain.

Removing A Hive And Disposing Of It

A piece of plastic sheeting can be draped on the ground, next to the location of a hive. A shovel or rake can be used to loosen a hive from its current location. Once a hive falls onto a piece of plastic sheeting, sheeting can be wrapped around a hive before disposing of it. While completing this step, protective gloves and clothing should be worn in case a few bees remain in a hive. If any parts of a hive remain on a structure and cannot be eliminated with a shovel or rake, a water hose can be used to soften them.

A scrub brush should be moved rapidly over each sprayed section in order to remove traces of a hive. The-Beeman or another company that provides Bee Nest Removal in Pittsburgh services if an individual cannot complete removal steps on their own or is afraid that they may be stung by bees. More information about eliminating bees can be acquired when an individual chooses to visit the website.

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