Eliminate Your Persistent Pest Problems With Squirrel Removal in Westerville, OH

A homeowner might find themselves needing squirrel removal in Westerville OH due to any one of several causes. Squirrels can be quite persistent pests. Once a squirrel finds a food source or shelter it likes, the animal won’t be easily frightened from what it wants. A homeowner might have to call in an expert for help to get rid of squirrels.

Eliminate Easy Food Sources

A property owner might have to contact Wildlife Control Company if there are easy food sources for a squirrel to access. If a homeowner is going to put up a bird feeder, they have to realize that squirrels might use it more than the birds. More and more squirrels might come around to feed at the bird feeder. Squirrel removal in Westerville OH for some people might be as easy as removing bird feeders.

Pet Food

Feeding pets outside will invite all types of pest problems. Squirrels, mice, raccoons, skunks, and stray cats are just some of the pests attracted to pet food. If a dog is to be fed outside, the food should be kept in one area of the yard in a dish. Any scraps should be cleaned up as soon as the dog is finished eating.

Tree Care

Cutting tree branches will help control squirrels since these animals use trees to move around. A squirrel can use untrimmed tree branches to access the roof of a home, garage, or shed. If there are any gaps in the roof that the squirrel can fit through, the animal might take up shelter inside the roof. A homeowner might hear noises coming from the upper level of their home if a squirrel is living in the house. It might sound as if there is something in the walls. An animal control expert should be contacted to remove any squirrels that are living inside of a house.

Squirrels are usually harmless and try to stay away from humans. If a person starts feeding a squirrel, the animal will lose its fear of people. A squirrel that no longer fears humans is likely to become a pest. Fortunately, there are methods and services that people can use to deal with squirrels.

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