Eliminate Odors and Reduce the Risk of Fire With Professional Hood Cleaning in Mason City, IA

Cleanliness is a priority in every commercial kitchen. It is not only about customer safety and eliminating the risk of pests, but about fire safety as well. Kitchen fires destroy restaurants around the country every year. Even the kitchens that look perfectly tidy may actually be at risk of a fire. One of the most common risks are grease-coated kitchen fans and hoods. The airborne material collects quickly in these areas fixtures and is not as obvious as a dirty cooking surface or floor. This is why a Hood Cleaning in Mason City IA is not necessarily a service only about hygiene, but about fire prevention.

The exhaust is designed to pull steam and heat away from the cooking surface. The grease in the air is pulled into the hood and filter at the same time. Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent this from happening. The National Fire Protection Association has released guidelines about how to perform this task properly because of the extreme fire risk that poor maintenance presents. All hoods should be cleaned regularly and a commercial kitchen must clean their hood at least once a month. All of the grime and grease needs to be scraped away and then the entire surface washed with hot water and food-safe cleaners. The products used must have the ability to break down and dissolve the grease. It is recommended that a high-pressure washing system be used whenever possible.

Hood Cleaning in Mason City IA is a fire-safety issue, but there are many other benefits to this task. Well-maintained hoods and exhaust systems run more efficiently and are more effective than those that are clogged with grease and debris. Most equipment will last longer when it is cleaned regularly; the kitchen will stay cleaner overall and unpleasant smells are eliminated.

Restaurant owners and managers do not have to worry about using staff members to perform this service. Companies like Iowa Fire Control offer this as one of their many services to area residents and businesses. Their efforts help to keep all restaurants compliant with local fire regulations and provide a cleaner and healthier dining experience for everyone.

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