Eliminate Carpet Spots and Odors With Professional Pet Stain Removal in Cheyenne WY

Carpet makes any room feel more inviting. People love to walk on soft, plush carpet, and so do their furry friends. While regular vacuuming is often enough to remove pet hair and debris, there are times when a pet may leave an unwanted stain on the floor. Bathroom accidents and vomiting can unfortunately wreak havoc on a fluffy carpet or area rug. These spots can be frustrating to clean, and that’s when it is time to schedule a professional Pet Stain Removal Cheyenne WY.

Solid pet accidents, such as bathroom mishaps and vomit, are the easiest to clean. Picking up the solid matter instantly makes the carpet look cleaner. However, these animal mishaps often leave a dark mark on soft flooring. The porous fibers of carpet quickly absorb any liquid, leaving a hard-to-clean stain. The best way to make these spots disappear is by shampooing the affected area. A company that specializes in Pet Stain Removal Cheyenne WY will use a gentle cleaner that will not damage delicate carpet fibers. The spots will be pre-treated with a cleaning solution to remove the discoloration. Afterwards, the entire room will be thoroughly shampooed.

Urine stains, on the other hand, are much trickier to remove. Not only do these accidents leave an unsightly spot on the top of the rug, but they also soak through the carpet all the way to the padding. It’s best to flush these areas will water as soon as the accident is discovered. Blotting the stain with an absorbent cloth will remove any excess liquid. These spots leave behind a strong odor, especially those caused by cat urine. If the aroma cannot be eliminated, it’s time to bring in an expert that handles Pet Stain Removal Cheyenne WY. They will first use a vacuum to suck out any remaining liquid. High tech cleaners are then used to neutralize the odor. Replacing the padding may be necessary if the odor persists.

Pet accidents should always be cleaned up as soon as they are noticed to minimize the damage. Even if no odors are present, it is best for any animal owner to bring in a cleaning company that offers Pet Stain Removal Cheyenne WY at least once a year. The carpet in your house will last much longer if it is professionally cleaned on a regular basis.



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